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Last week Sonya had her first day of junior kindergarten.  She was acting nervous the week before school started.  She even skipped the back to school picnic where she could have seen all of her friends.  I had still had to go because I was scheduled to paint faces.  So Josh and I went to the back to school picnic sans kids.  It was actually pretty nice because we were able to actually talk some of our friends.  Sonya and I headed up to school on Wednesday to meet her teacher and see her the classroom.  She was pretty amazed by her classroom.  They have a science center, art center, library center, pretend kitchen, pretend office, trains, blocks, games, computers and no pre school classroom would be complete without a guinea pig.  Her name is Nibblets.  The first morning of school was a little rough, the kids were up early and Sonya was on edge.  I let her pick out her outfit, and she chose her fourth of July dress.  I will be honest and say I wish she would have picked out one of her new outfits, but she still looked adorable.  Sonya made herself a nutritious  breakfast of Trix and chocolate milk.  I had to let it go because I wanted to keep her nice and calm, because like I said she was on edge.  I also turned on a show, so she could lay down with big baby T for a little bit.
It was finally time to go to school, but I had to get a few shots of my big girl.
The poor girl looks exhausted.
I got her a new back pack from Pottery Barn Teen, with multiple shades of her favorite color blue.
I also got her the matching lunchbox, but she had hot lunch on her first day.  
I kept trying to get a few more shots of her on her first day, and this is what she gave me.
This is what happens when I ask for a smile.  
All four of us headed off to school.  We left early because we parking would be crazy on the first day of school, and I was right.  I had to park two blocks away from school.  As we walked up to school, I knew Sonya was nervous.  On the way to her classroom we saw her teachers from last year Mrs. H and 
Mrs. M, and they both gave Sonya a big hug and sent her down to the JK room.  She hung up her backpack, and headed in.  She showed Josh around the classroom.  I could tell she was a little confused because in her classroom the dividing wall was up that separates her class from the other JK class.  It wasn't up when we went to visit the classroom.  She only knows two other girls in her class from last year and she spotted them right away,  but was still acting shy.  As Josh, Teddy, and I left the were getting ready to leave the classroom, this is the face I saw.
Sonya is so blessed have amazing teachers this year.  
I know she will be loved well this year, grow spiritually and also be challenged much as preschooler can be.  
This is why I was able to leave my girl in her class with such a sad face.
Her teacher, Mrs B., picked right up on that face and plopped right down on the floor and started playing.
As I rounded the corner of the hallway out to the parking lot, I lost it.  My shoulders were bouncing up and down as my tears were pouring out.  My sweet baby girl is in school five days a week from 8:20-3:20, it might as well been college with the way I was feeling at the moment.  I know this is the best thing for her  After I left I realized I skipped the back to school breakfast for parents.  I wondered how she was doing all day, and as soon as 3pm hit I was out the door to see how her first day went, and to beat carpool traffic.  She seemed to have a great first day, but I could tell she was still a little nervous.  On her second or third day of school she got in the car after school and we were talking and she said, 
"Mom, I wish I was in Mrs. F's (the other JK teacher) class."  
I felt like I was punched in the gut because last spring I agonized over the decision to put her in school five full days or three full days.  Had she been in three full days of school she would have had Mrs. F, and been with most of her friends.  
I asked her why she wanted Mrs. F as her teacher,
and she said, 
"because I really just want to play with those computers."  
If you know Sonya at all, you know she loves technology (just like her daddy), and the computers in her class that she spotted on the day we visited classroom are on Mrs. F's side of the classroom.  
Behind the dividing wall.  
I was so relieved. 
Now that Sonya has been in school a week I think she is finally finding her groove.  
Here is look at Sonya and her first days of school over the past three years.
Next up, baby T starts school in two weeks.  


Ashley C. Teer September 2, 2011 at 10:06 PM  

thank you for documenting wach little bit of them...i feel like their faraway auntie that misses these things and loves to see them through your're a stellar mama. know it, friend.


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