Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Fourth

Most people that know me, know that the 4th of July is my favorite holiday of the year.  Growing in WG, it is the highlight of the summer.  The carnival, parade, BBQ, funnel cakes, fireworks.  As an adult I have grown to appreciate the 4th in even more ways.  I love buying red white and blue outfits for my kids, and I love spending the day with so many friends.
We kicked off the holiday weekend by heading up to the carnival.  
Normally this night is really fun, and we get to see lots of friends, this year was so HOT, we could barley enjoy ourselves.  
We got each of the kids wristbands so they could go on as many rides as they wanted.  
Sonya was dying to ride the ferris wheel, so I went with her and took some "aerial" photos of the carnival.  
The kids rode the cars, boats, went down the tiger slide (the one from last year), the cobra roller coaster, and the carousel.  It is all just kind of a blur because it was so darn hot.  
This is how the kids looked all night
We did find some relief with some snow cones.
We only made it two hours before we were all ready to go home.  
The fourth had much better weather.  
There was a little bit of rain before we went to the parade, but it cooled the day down.  
We sat with friends and family in our usual spot.  
Sonya was so happy to sit with her cousin Stella.
Sweet Stella just turned three.  She is so grown and beautiful.
The past couple of years the Budweiser Clydesdales have been in the parade, and I LOVE them.  
You don't realize how big they until you see them up close.  
I finally got some good shots of them this year.
A few of the others from the parade.
My favorite was the car with the bubble machine.  
All of the kids ran out into the street to play in the bubbles.
I LOVE these photos of Sonya and Teddy.
We ended the day at our friends the Hogans house, I think there were 20 families there with 800 hundred kids running around.  The Hogans have a great trampoline in their backyard, and I have to say Teddy is an awesome jumper.
As the sun went down, we passed out sparklers to all the kids.  
I mean all of the kids, like there was an 18 month old with a sparkler, but I have no photographic evidence.  
I do have some two year olds with fire.
We also set off a few fireworks in the backyard, all of the kids LOVED it.
Teddy would get really scared, and then clap when the fireworks would pop open.
Around 9 pm we walked down to Old Warson Country Club for the fire works.  
My heart does break a bit to not go the WG fireworks, but it is so crazy and crowded.  
Going with up there my little kids sounds pretty terrible, so going to Old Warson works great for our family.
Happy Birthday America, it was a great party.


KA August 3, 2011 at 10:04 AM  

I love the ones of Teddy in the bubbles! Such good pictures!

Ashley C. Teer August 4, 2011 at 2:32 AM  

thank you, sweet friend. this makes my heart so happy. I love you, your kids, America, and WG fourths forever!


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