Sunday, May 29, 2011

Last Day of School

I can't believe the school year is over.  I feel like I took Sonya to her first day of 3K yesterday.  Hands down she had an amazing year.  Mrs. H and Mrs. M loved my girl like she was their own.   Sonya's character, imagination, literacy skills, have grown by leaps and bounds over this past year.  As much as we are excited for JK next year, my heart is a little broken that this time is over.  3K just has such a special, almost sacred, feel to it.  I know the Lord was planting seeds in the kids hearts over the school year, that will bloom when the time is right, and ways we don't even know how.  
Our entire family was blessed by this year.
Here is my girl on her last day.
Sonya wrote notes to her teachers.
To Mrs H she wrote, "I love the 3K friends."
To Mrs. M she drew her whole family as snowmen.
It was adorable
         We also gave gifts to Sonya's teachers.  I know I should have given them giftcards but I wanted to given them something from my heart.  I love to bake and cook for people, so I made them each a loaf of this bread with three little jars of olive oil, parmesan cheese, and kosher salt.  I attached a noted that said, "Thank you for teaching Sonya she does live by bread alone."  Her teachers really did love their gifts, I am sure they would have  loved a giftcard more, but oh well.
Sonya decorated the bags with the other gift we gave her teachers.
It was really a gift for the next years 3K class.  
Sonya and Teddy love these dot paint/markers, so I thought they would be the perfect thing to give to the classroom.
 Teddy decorated this bag.
Well, I made the three, Sonya made the K, and TR did the rest.
I also made the secretary at school a box of cookies.  She is a dear friend of mine from back when I  was involved with Young Life, and I loved reconnecting with her this past year.  It was so nice to have familiar face at a new school, and know we would be taken care of.  
I made her salted chocolate chip cookies and put them in a super cute box.
She loved them!!
All in all it was a great year.  
 We made awesome new friends, connected with old friends, and we knew we were in the exact spot the Lord wanted us to be in.  
I can't wait for Teddy to be in 3K.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Boy and I

  Sonya goes to school three days a week, so it is just Teddy and I on M-W-F.  Normally I just drag in him on errands to the grocery store, Target, etc.  I have felt really bad about not spending intentional time with him.  Teddy can be a tough cookie.  I feel like I am still figuring him out, and how to really meet his needs.  One thing I have figured out about my boy is that he wants, or should I say needs to RUN on a regular basis.  We have finally had a few nice days in the Lou, so Teddy and I headed to Powder Valley.   I thought about just doing the short trail with him, but then I thought what the heck I am going to see if he can walk the entire long loop, 1 and 1/5 mile.  
He did not disappoint. 
He loved running over the bridges and looking at the "wawa."
Here is the view from the bridge.
We stopped and I let him throw rocks into creek.  
We walked over to an especially jagged rock, and he needed my help to climb on.
"Mama, pease hans."
Yes folks, my two year old wears a size nine shoe.
He also has banana hands.
After the creek, Teddy kept trucking along.  We I talked about how God created the birds, leaves, trees, rocks and we have to take care of what God gave us.  He kept wanting to "push" the trees, but I told him we have to give the trees a "nice touch," and love what God made.  
After I explained that, he started kissing the trees.  
We had a wonderful morning together.  
What he needs from me is, is just me.  
He likes to have my undivided attention, which I don't like to always give him, but when I do he is in heaven. 
I love him, and I love how the Lord is teaching me through him.  
Teddy likes face to face time with me, exactly what the Lord wants from me, too.  
Thank you Jesus for showing me what my son needs and what I need.    

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tape Paint

A few weeks ago the kids and I needed a project to do.  I had picked up a few canvases and some acrylic paints at Hobby Lobby (those are words I never thought I would say).  I pulled them out and started to brainstorm.   I got the blue painters tape out to make a pattern on the canvas.  I am sure I had seen this idea some where among all of my blog reading, but I have no idea where.  I tried to explain to Sonya how to make a pattern, she made a pattern in school so I thought we could build on what she had already learned.  She didn't care to listen to me.  Then I tried to encourage her to make some letters, again my words fell deaf on her ears.  
Finally I let her create whatever she wanted.
Here is what we did
I tore up strips of blue painters tape and let Sonya place them on the canvas...however she wanted.
  Then she painted over the strips of tape.
Once we were done, I let it set for just a little bit then tore the tape off the painting.
A fun and easy project that has endless possibilities.
As always, here is the mess...
And here is what Big Baby T did while we painted the canvas....
He painted himself.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Birthday Girl

My girl turned four years old on April 28th.
You can read about her entrance into the world here.
Here is what she has been up too:
She had a great year at 3K, and we are looking forward to JK next year.
She lives in a fantasy world of princes, princesses, and Star Wars characters.
When I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up her response was,
"a mermiad."
She loves paint and draw.
Her favorite color is still blue.
She takes a "swim" in our bathtub almost every afternoon with all of her Barbies.
She and Teddy race to turn off the TV every night after their night time show.
I think she has a slight addiction to fruit bars right now.
She took gymnastics and swimming this past school year.
She sleeps in the top bunk in her bunk bed.
She is a very good eater.  
Her favorite foods are
fruit: blueberries
veggie:  belle peppers
dessert: Yo My Goodeness
  restaurant:  Deweys or Woofies
She LOVES all of her friends.  
She is just like her daddy and THRIVES in a social environment.
Recently at school Sonya and another boy were kissing in the carpool line.  It wasn't just a peck, as her teacher put it "It was kind of a long kiss."  I told her teacher I would have a conversation with her about appropriate behavior at school.  When I had the conversation with Sonya about who we are allowed to kiss her response was so simple and sweet.  She said,
"But mama, I love my friends."
She is always able to find her favorite videos on YouTube, here are a few:
Little girls swimming in their Mermagica Tails
Star Wars Tom Tom commercials
Princess cake tutorials
She is my buddy, my love, my girl.
Happy birthday little thing. 


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