Friday, February 18, 2011


Growing up my Grandma Rosie had silhouettes of all the grandkids displayed in her home.  I LOVED them.   This may sound morbid, but through out the years my Grandma had us put our names on her possessions that we wanted after she passed away.  Hey, it just how our family rolls.  The one thing my name was on were the silhouettes of my sisters and I, and they became mine in 2008.  
I always knew I wanted to get silhouettes done of my kids by the time they were five.  My sister Cate called and told me the they that the "Silhouette Man" was going to be at Dillards at the Galleria, but I totally forgot to book an appointment.  Randomly, I took Sonya to the Galleria to get a Cardinals shirt for school and we cut through Dillards, something I never do, to get the mall.  As I was ushering Sonya through the maze that is Dillards, there he was the 
"Silhouette Man," 
with nobody at his table.  
I asked how long it would take to cut, and he said, 
"Five minutes."  
  Here is a mirror image of my silhouette from 1980, when I was two years old, and Sonya's done two weeks ago at age three and half.
    Missy                                                                               Sonya
I had super curly hair, like when kids when I was little, you can totally see in my picture.  
I love that Sonya and I have the same nose. 
I love the that you can see the wisps in her hair.
I love her chin and forehead.
These images are so precious to me because they remind me of my grandma.  
They are such a sweet moment captured in time.  
I hope Sonya and future generations treasure them the same way I do. 
Sorry to be so cheesy and sentimental, but I just adore these images.


giveitawhirl3 March 8, 2011 at 2:13 PM  

I am so glad to see I'm not the only one in love with these! My Mom had mine and my sister's done at Disney in 1973. I always wanted some of my own children. The Silhouette Man did my daughter's in 2001 and it now hangs next to mine!
Three years ago, we went to Disney and had all three kiddos done! People see them in my bedroom and they think they are old family members who have long been deceased!
The hardest part was finding the black oval frames with the silk cord hanger! Finally found them at Pottery Barn a few years back!
Thank You for sharing!


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