Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Tree

We got our Christmas tree over Thanksgiving weekend.  We have never gotten tree this early in the season, so I hope it makes it the whole month.  In our almost ten years of marriage this is only our fourth Christmas tree.  I definitely had to push Josh to go and get the tree.  I knew once we got the tree he would be excited, but getting him there was half the battle.  
I know lots of people go and cut down a tree or go support a charity when they purchase a tree, but we headed here.
This was the tree Josh was hoping we would get.
But this is the tree we ended up with.  It was actually the first one Josh pulled out. 
We left it outside on Saturday night, so the branches could fall.  Then I brought it in Sunday morning and strung the lights so we could decorate that night.  The kids absolutely loved putting the ornaments on the tree.  We did have to redistribute a few ornaments, but all in all they did a good job.  
Here are few highlights from our tree.
This was the ornament I got Sonya for her first Christmas.
 This was Teddy's first ornament. 
Josh and I took a quick trip to Austen, TX last December and we picked this out for Teddy.
I love our "12 Days of Christmas" ornaments.  That song holds a a special place in my heart because when we were kids our entire family would assign all 12 parts and sing it every Christmas.  We would even record ourselves and then play it back the next Christmas.  
It sounds kind of dumb as I type this story out, but it is one of the best holiday memories I have. 
I had the really cool wax letters that spelled NOEL, but the E broke.  
So I pitched the other letters and kept the "L."
This is one of favorite ornaments.  
It is a little fairy my sister Gretchen gave to me.  
I think she is so precious.
I have these pretty little butterflies all through out the tree perched on the branches.
Here is the star on top of our tree.  
I think I got it the first year we were married.
Sonya, my girl who is some what camera shy, did give me this ridiculously cute pose.
I could just eat her up.
This could be my favorite shot of the whole night.
Here are my sweet guys.
Since the buddies don't get to much blog love, here they are all snuggled up.
I love having the tree up in the house.  I feel like it has calming affect on all of us, especially me.  
I have been able to reflect on the love I have for my family and on the love that the Lord has for us, in giving us his son Jesus.  
It blows my mind as a parent to think about what God allowed his only son to go through just to be close to me, and I am forever grateful.   


Kalie Adams December 3, 2010 at 9:17 AM  

So sweet..

EmmaBfromtheWG December 3, 2010 at 10:44 PM  

so so sweet. you just brought back so many fun memories of getting a tree with my family. and now i miss them and all of our ornaments in STL...


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