Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Today Was A Good Day

  A couple of weeks ago when I was dropping Sonya off at school one of the moms said to me, "Two weeks and six days.  Two weeks and six days until Christmas break.  I can't wait."  I was blown away because I have been feeling the exact opposite.  I must admit I have been nervous and somewhat dreading the upcoming Christmas break from school.  The long cold Antarctica winter days can get the best of me and the kids.  That statement has been rattling around in my head all month.  So today I was going to make today a good day, all day.  I did gave myself a few rules for the day.  

  1. Be with them, don't entertain them.
  2. I don't need to capture every moment with my camera.
  3. Relax, no pressure.  
With that being said, here is a look at some of our day.  I told Sonya and Teddy to give me a few minutes so I could get ready for a really fun project.  My two children would not give me those few minutes, and I lost it.  I explained to them that I love to do fun things with them but when they aren't patient and don't listen mama doesn't have any fun.  This is all I was trying to do.
So that we could do this.
At 8:30 am I decided to get out the Pillsbury sugar I had picked up at the store to have for a day just like today.  I got the dough out and tried to roll it out but it was super sticky so I just had the kids mash it up like play dough.  Teddy was not shy about using the sprinkles.  Notice the empty container...
I made the letters of all of first names, that was the only recognizable thing we made.
    Here is my favorite cookie of the day.
Here is the mess we were left with.
I didn't mind this cute messy face.
Please excuse the snot...
Here is what Sonya did with all of the sprinkles on the floor.
It is a good thing that one of my kids new favorite activities is vacuuming, because we had to do a lot of it while the cookies baked.  After I pulled the cookies out of the oven, pandemonium ensued.  Sonya and Teddy were loosing their minds trying to get to them while they cooled.  Once again I lost it, but this time I stopped myself.  So right there in the kitchen I sat down and scooped up my kids and prayed.  I asked God to help us make it a good day.  For us to show love to one another, for mama to be patient.  For Soso and TR to be good listeners and be patient when mama asks them too.  Then I thanked God for the day were going to get to spend together.  When I was done Teddy gave me the nastiest snottiest kiss on the cheek, and Sonya and I apologized to one another and hugged.  I am so thankful that I can go to God the tiniest things, and He hears me.  There was a sense of calm and peace and just remembering that we love each and wanted to have a good day.  After the cookies, we played in Sonya's room.  Josh and recently cleaned her room out it honestly looked like an episode of hoarders, but now we space to play again.  We played trains, blocks nothing out of the ordinary.  I left them to play for a bit by themselves so I could finish cleaning up after the cookies.  Sonya decided to set up a picnic in the living room.  I joined her and got out some of our Christmas books and read.
The Snowman is fun because there are no words just pictures, so you make up the story as you go.  I had to help Sonya do this she was a little confused at first then she got the hang of it.  I tried to read a few more stories, but the lost interest.  By that time it was time for lunch, but when I walked into the kitchen I saw this familiar sight.
Both my kids are obsessed with playing gin the sink.  
When Teddy was a newborn, Sonya spent hours just playing in the sink when I was trying to nurse him.
Now back to lunch.  These were in the freezer, so I made them.
They are so good, I will even say they are better then chik-fil-a.  
Here is the rest of what we ate for lunch, this was Sonya's plate.
What we were lacking in protein we made up with fiber.
After lunch, I put big baby T down for nap around 1:30 pm.  He slept until 4:30, which usually doesn't happen.  It was awesome!!  While he napped Sonya played on Starfall on the computer and I caught up on Giuliana and Bill and Watch What Happens Live, two of my favorite shows.  After my shows I decided to make a batch of granola for a teacher gift.  
I decided to keep the granola for myself, because I realized it was a lame gift.  Then I prepped some chicken for dinner, and cleaned up the kitchen for the 100th time.  When Sonya was done painting she decided she wanted to watch Shrek 2.  It worked out great because Teddy was getting up and I could make dinner in a little bit of peace when the movie would catch their interest for five minute intervals.  The menu for dinner roasted bone in chicken breasts and brocolette.  What is brocolette you ask, the package says a tender sweet cousin to broccoli.  It was on sale at the store, so I was sold.  Here is what is looks like.
 It has really long stems, so I cut those off.  Then I just tossed them in a bit of olive oil, some shallots, and my favorite seasoning.  I baked them at 450 degrees for about 15 minutes.  Super tasty, and kids ate them with no complaints.  After dinner S and T watched a some Dr. Suess show on ABC family about a flying piano, while I cleaned up the kitchen...again.  When that was done it was bath time, and they needed it after a day of playing with cookie sprinkles and markers.  The bath went on like normal lots of screaming while I washed their hair and faces.  Then lots of laughter when they could play.  Our favorite part of our whole day is when Daddy gets home, and last night it was around 6:45pm.  Josh ate dinner while the kids finished up their bath, and then they got to play with Daddy.  The evening routine at our house is dinner, bath, play time, show with a half a cup of milk, books, then pray.  Here are S and T watching their show.
  We read to them separately after their show because they get to riled up when they are together.  Teddy also can't sit through some of the stories that Sonya likes.  Josh and I usually trade back and forth with who gets which kid.  Neither one is exactly easier at bedtime.  They both have their challenges and their joys at bedtime.  Last night they were in bed and asleep a little before 8pm.  LOVE THAT!!!   The house was in pretty good shape, too.  So Josh and I didn't have to do a big clean up, again LOVE THAT.  We had a great day.  I will definitely take more days like that this winter.  Even though we didn't take one step outside we had a great day, and the kids actually were worn out.  Yesterday I found balance that worked for me and my kids.  We all got to do things we enjoyed and enjoyed one another.  Now, talk to me in 24 hours, I could very easily be whistling a different tune, but I hope this encourages any you moms out there to do what works for you, and you will hopefully make it through the winter.   


Sara D. December 15, 2010 at 4:12 PM  

You know, I am TOTALLY looking forward to the break, although I wouldn't have said that 2 years ago, because it means we don't have to rush to be anywhere in the mornings. I have all 4 in school every morning, and while that *sounds* calm and peaceful, it's exactly the opposite! I practically kill myself to get them out the door, and then I scramble around doing stupid errands. When they are here next week, I'll just have to do less. And I NEED to do less!!!

That being said, I do kind of dread keeping them happy all by myself. Though, the older they get, the less they seem to need me. Which is what I prayed for when they drove me crazy as toddlers, but now that it's's SAD!!!!!

carly730 December 15, 2010 at 5:44 PM  

Granola is not a lame gift! I got some from my cousin a few years ago and LOVED it. Seriously you could put it in a cute bag with ribbon and attach the recipe for it( That is what she did) Brocolette looks yummy. Also if you roll out the dough with flour on the pin and flour the dough that helps a lot. Gosh those kids are cute little blondies!

rachel @ perfectly imperfect December 17, 2010 at 11:54 AM  

thanks for reminding me to pray when i want to knock their little heads together... God always redeems the moment, and yet i forget to invite Him into those moments all too often. thank you!


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