Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Course

The other  day I had blue painters tape out, so I could tape something to the wall.  Sonya asked if she could play with it.  It was 5pm, so whatever makes them happy this time of day works for me.  As she pulled the tape off the roll I remembered an activity I had seen on this blog.  
All you do in put the tape on the floor and let your imagination go.
The first part of the fun was making up which way our lines were going to go.  Sonya loved this part.  We made zig zags, straight lines, and curved lines.  

Then I showed Teddy he could push his trains along the course like choo choo tracks.

The blue tape also became a balance beam that we all walked on, and since Sonya has been really into The Wizard of Oz it also became the yellow brick road.  A super fun, super easy inside activity to do with the weather being so cold.  You may notice a lack of pictures of Sonya. 
 This is the day she decided to not wear clothes, so this is all I can show you.
How are you passing the long winter days?


KA December 8, 2010 at 8:48 AM  

I love Teddy and Sonya so much! I love how they will just go around naked for the entire day. I can't wait to take SoSo out for lunch again over Christmas break! =)


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