Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We had a really great Halloween this year.  We could not have asked for better weather, or a more fun group of people to spend the night with.  But first, here are the treat bags.  I love them, and I think they are ridiculously cute. 
 This is warning, there a LOT of photos in this post.
Can you guess whose is whose?

  I am sure you all have figured out that Sonya loves Star Wars, in particular Yoda.  
So her costume was a no brainer.
Big baby T was a super cute hamburger from Old Navy.
Josh picked out this costume because the little boy on the website looked just like Teddy.
Here is the image from Old Navy.com
(kind of a blurry picture, sorry)
Before our night of trick or treating I tried to get some nice photos of my two kids.  They are getting so big and really becoming friends.  
I love seeing their faces close together so I can see how they can look alike and so different at the same time.

  Here in the Lou it is tradition to tell jokes to to get your candy.  I didn't think to prepare Sonya with a joke until about 4pm Sunday afternoon, and we were leaving at 5pm.  So I googled Star Wars jokes for kids, and I found two jokes that would be easy for Sonya to tell.  I tried to explain the how a joke works, it took a while. 
At first she made up her own joke which was,
"Who rides in the Millennium Falcon?"
Then she just listed who rode in the Millennium Falcon. 
"Han Solo, Chewie, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, C-3PO, R2-D2, Obi Wan Kenobi."
The two jokes she told were,
"What is a star wars character's favorite toy?'
"A yo-yo yoda."
The second joke was a big hit and the one she told most of the night.
"Which Star Wars character likes to chew gum?"
By the end of the night she was a joke telling pro.
We ended up trick or treating in Warson Woods.  Lets just say it is the place to be on Halloween.  Our good friends the Hogans parents live in WW and they were having a great party going.  A fire in the fire pit, sandwiches, chips, wines, soda, water all in the the driveway of their beautiful home.  I think there were 10-15 families there, and between all of the families 30-40 kids.  We all descended upon the neighborhood at the same time, quite a scene I must say!!
  What is great about WW is, it is a land of good candy, with some houses giving out KING size candy bars.  They also give "liquid candy" out to the adults.  To quote Josh from FB, "As I was walking down the street with stacked Bud Selects, a cop stopped me not to ask about the beers, but to give me glow necklaces for the kids.  I LOVE this place."
  Even though our group was so large, everyone went at their own pace.  We ended up sticking with our good friends the Murphys.  Sonya and Winnie held hands all night.
Big Baby T, just wanted to eat candy all night.  He didn't quite get the concept putting the candy in his treat bag and not just eating it.  He literally whined or cried unless we let him eat the candy.  This was one of those nights, where we gave in and gave him about 15 pieces of candy over the course of one hour.  He didn't even wait for the wrappers to come off half the time.
All in all it was a great night.  
Looking forward to next year.


Kalie Adams November 2, 2010 at 3:03 PM  

Missy! These pictures are amazing! I love the close ups of Teddy and Sonya! Goodness they look adorable!


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