Friday, November 12, 2010

Bits of Our Day

Today was one of those days I decided the kids and I needed to stay home. 
 I thought it would be a good idea to make these cookies.
It really wasn't.  
Teddy just screamed and pushed my legs away from the counter until I gave him a spoon to lick.
Sonya had very hard time listening while we were baking together.  I ended up yelling and freaking out about the measurements being wrong.  
Then she looked at me said, "Mama, I just want to bake wis you."  
Parenting fail.    
After the baking debacle, Sonya pulled out the $5.00 costumes from Old Navy I bought two weeks ago.  
The perfect remedy for a cranky morning.  
They were ridiculously cute.
First the giraffe

Now the monkey

I have talked about our backyard before, but I can't say enough about it.  We have a great deck and awesome play set that the kids love.  
I think my kids would love to be pushed on the swings for hours.  
I can only stand it for five minutes. 
Here is a look at their favorite activity.

 This is the new favorite activity Sonya and Teddy like to do together.
They love to swing and twirl on their bellies.  I love seeing them together like this.
When the costumes came off they spent some more time whining, and then we played peek a boo with my two colanders from the bakers rack.  They thought it was the greatest game ever. We had a little lunch leftover Imo's, grapes, cantaloupe, and bell peppers (sorry no photo).  After the our lunch, they drew on the chalkboard.
While they drew on the chalkboard, I noticed my kitchen floor.
These photos were taken at 12:30pm.  
When do you think I last washed my floor?
6:00pm the the night before!!!  
My floors could be the death of me.  I did mop, again, today.   
I am sure by tomorrow you would never know.  
Anywho, back to our day.  We made it to nap time, barely.  
Luckily Sonya C.  fell asleep in the chair, so I could catch up on my shows.  
Here she is.
I hope you enjoyed a look at random parts of our day.
I forgot to mention I wore my pajamas all day, and didn't brush my teeth until 6pm.
Don't be jealous of me.


Anonymous November 12, 2010 at 7:33 AM  

also, your sisters came over and stole the cookies.


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