Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sick Day

Last week Sonya had her first sick day of school the year.  She was totally devastated to miss school.  Let me just say I wasn't to happy that she had to miss school either.  I had to cancel lunch plans with my friend and some other errands that I had to run.  I had to make a choice to be a grump because my plans were shot, or I could take care of my girl and cheer her up with a fun activity.  I chose B.  I dug down deep and tried to think of a craft to do that would make her happy, and I was capable of executing.  So I decided we would make a crown.  I had a little bit of wrapping paper left on a cardboard roll.  I took the paper off the roll and cut in half for Sonya to decorate, and I used the remainder of the paper as a drop cloth for easy clean up.  Then I pulled out the paint, glue, stick on letters and glitter.  
Let the crafting begin

Making the actual crown took all of ten minutes, but the glitter and paints were another 45 minutes of messy fun.

Big Baby T also wanted in on the action.  
The mess escalated through out our morning, but I went with the flow because Sonya was having a great time.

I promise she was having fun, even though this face might tell you something different.
Sonya decided to line up all of her paints like a snake.

Here is the scene we created.  I painted the sun, and Sonya painted the ocean.  
That purple blob by the paints is a dolphin Sonya wanted me to paint.  
Looks like flipper right?
Here is the mess we ended with.

All in all it was a fun morning, with a whole lot of clean up.   
My sick little girl was happy so it was totally worth it.  
Here is the final product, that started our messy morning.
I promised I cheered her up.  
She was just a little annoyed to look away from Empire Strikes Back, her favorite movie.
I think I might be ready to try some modge podge.  
Not sure if I am ready for such a big step in my crafting life. 
 I will keep you posted.


Katy September 30, 2010 at 12:07 PM  

I seriously love Mod Podge :)


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