Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Quest

I recently realized I have been a quest for the past couple of years to find the perfect one of these
I am sure many of you have been on the same quest, to find the perfect water cup, glass, bottle, etc.
Here is the collection I have amassed over the years.
Let me back up a bit.  Josh and I used to buy Auquafina by the case.  We made the decision to stop buying cases water to save money, have less waste, and carrying the cases of water up all of our steps sucked.  So began my quest to find the perfect cup so I would drink my 64 oz of water a day.  
Here is the cup breakdown
Kleen Kanteen: 
  • Its "green"
  • It looks cool
  • I like the size
  • It is heavy
  • I don't like sport top bottles
  • It makes a weird squeaking noise when you drink a lot at once
  • It gets covered in condensation when the water is really cold
Rubbermaid BPA free Sipper:
  • LOVE the size 20 oz
  • I like the flow of  water from the straw
  • Not to much condensation
  • VERY portable
  • Loud noise when you drink a lot at once
  • Not very cute
Weight Watchers Water Bottle:
  • LOVE the size 24 oz 
  • I like to drink from a straw
  • Spill if it gets knocked over
  • Not very portable
  • Not very cute
The "M" Cup:
  • I like the size
  • It is too cute
  • I like to drink from it when I am cooking
  • I always spill it when I am not in the kitchen
  • Not portable
The next rounds of cups
  • Portable
  • Good size 32 oz
  • Very cute
  • DO NOT LIKE the bite straw
  • Heavy
MO Bap Maternity Cup:
  • Keeps the water really cold
  • Good size
  • I loved carrying this thing around when I was pregnant, it was my bed rest cup.
  • Not portable
  • Spill very easily
Thermos INTAK (stolen from my sister while she is away):
  • LOVE the water flow
  • Very portable
  • LOVE the snap lid
  • Good size
  • cute
  • BPA free
  • Sometimes I prefer a straw
  • Hard for the kids to drink out of when we are on the go
The last round of cups
The ZAK Chiller Cups (I had originally bought the blue cup for myself but Sonya kept stealing it from me.  So I went back and got myself a bigger green cup so she could have blue, her favorite color):
  • They are super cute
  • I love the rubber around the cup
  • I love the straw
  • Keep the water nice and cold
  • Not very portable
  • Spills easily when knocked over
There is my breakdown of my cups.  This post really is silly and has no meaning, but it is something my kids might remember about me, all of my water cups.  Honestly, that is part of the reason I bought the "M" cup.  I have all of these things I think my kids will remember about me, or want them to remember about me, but that will be a separate post.
Let me just say I am not the only one with a cup problem in this house
I am sure there are more at his office.
Happy hydration!!



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