Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday Manifest on Tuesday

Things I used to wish for when I was little 

  1. get my ears pierced
  2. get a cabbage patch kid
  3. see a unicorn
  4. when I became a teenager that I could wear a bikini and hang out at the 10 ft at the Webster Pool
  5. be an Olympic gymnast or swimmer
  6. be on the Mickey Mouse Club
  7. be a cheerleader
  8. have my own room
  9. have a boyfriend
  10. be a lifeguard and twirl my whistle
  11. that my name was Stacey
  12. that I would have twins when I grew up
  13. be a mermaid
  14. be able to do a reverse off the diving board
  15. ride in a limo
  16. go to Australia
  17. catch a fairy
  18. be Miss Webster
What did you wish for?


Greta September 30, 2010 at 7:32 AM  

marry my high school boyfriend and have his babies
have a car
get my ears double pierced
be able to skateboard
be taller
go on vacations

Marsha September 30, 2010 at 8:49 PM  

1. Be shorter
2. have darker skin and darker, straight hair and blue eyes
3. Catch the tooth fairy, Santa Claus or his elves, or the Easter Bunny in action.
4. Definitely be on the Mickey Mouse Club! all I got was to be on Cookie and the Captains (Popeye) boo!!
5. Date a boy with a Mustang convertible (did that and he was a jerk!), but I loved his car.
6. YES! Have my own room
7. Be a singer and a dancer professionally
8. Get Paul McCartney to meet me and fall in love with me.
9. Go to the ocean and be a surfer girl
10. Get married and have kids. Not the yukky parts just have the husband, the house, and a bunch of perfect children.


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