Saturday, September 25, 2010

The First Lie

Last week Sonya told her first real lie.  It was heart breaking.  We were at home and I noticed the house was hot, but was too busy to really check the air conditioning.  Josh came home, checked the thermostat and noticed the heat was on.  We asked Sonya if she had touched the buttons on the thermostat, which the day before we had told her not to touch.  She got a blank stare on her face and after being asked a couple of times, reluctantly shook her head no.  We asked her again and told her we wanted her to tell us the truth (one of our main house rules).  We got the same response, blank stare and shaking her head no.  She had a lot of trouble actually saying the word no.  We told her that we believed what she was telling us and Josh got up to walk away.  At this point, she began to crumble.  Her face became panicked, she started breathing heavily, her eyes welling.  I asked her again (very calmly) did you touch the button - and the tears began to flow.  Sonya finally admitted to touching the buttons - she was VERY sad and just wanted Mama and Dadda to hold her.  We told her that we were not upset about the buttons, but that she did not tell the truth and that we loved her very much.  I have to say that I was quite relieved that my daughter had such a hard time lying to us.  We knew from the get go that she was not telling the truth, but we wanted to give her the chance to fess up.  My girl has grown up so much the past couple of weeks.  This was one of those teachable moments with your kids you kind of dread because you can actually see they are capable of sin. 
 But it was also such a sweet moment, to see her confess, apologize, repent, and as a family be able to share in forgiveness and love.    


Kalie Adams September 26, 2010 at 1:48 AM  

She's so BIG!


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