Thursday, August 12, 2010


I have mentioned my lack of artistic talent on here in terms of crafting.  Well my lack of talent does not end there it also transcends into my decorating skills.  I just kind of freeze when it comes to decor.  I have ideas that swirl around in my head, but I have no idea on how to make it some what cohesive.  I don't know what looks good, or how to position things.  Whenever we move to our forever home, I will hire a decorator to help me figure out what I like, and help me get the feel to my house that I want.  Anyway, I have had some really great pieces of art that I have wanted to hang in Sonya's room, for about a year.  Literally two of these pieces I have had for over a year, and the rest I have had for about three months.  So the other night Josh walked upstairs with his toolbox, and said lets hang those pictures.  I was very excited to get the art up on the wall, but wasn't quite sure how to hang them.  So I quickly called my friend Greta, who is a genius when it comes to these things, and begged her to come over.  (She is the one who makes all of Sonya's cute headbands.)  She of course was able to configure the art in no time at all.  
Here is what we hung in the wall.
The two checkerboard pieces are are from Land of Nod, they were a gift from my aunt after Teddy was born, 16 months ago.
The bird on a wire piece we purchased at Webster Groves Art and Air Show, this past June June.  It was done by local Kirkwood artist Julie Hartman.  Quick side story, after talking with Julie for a while, we landed on the most important St. Louis question, where did you go to high school.  She went to Kirkwood high school, and she really good friends with my cousin Chip.  Shows what a small town St. Louis really is.  Back to the art,  I LOVED her work as soon as we walked into her booth. It was so whimsical, but edgy and modern at the same time.  We ended up buying four of her pieces. 
 Here is a closer look.

Sorry about the glare.
Here are the other pieces we hung.
I have had this music poster since Sonya was a baby.  I had it hanging in her old room over her crib, but she ripped it off the the wall. 
 So into storage it went. 
This piece is also from Land of Nod.
I love how it turned out, and thank you for Greta for helping me get the art on the wall.  


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