Monday, July 26, 2010

South Haven The Story Part 2-The Beach

One of the main reasons we went to Michigan for vacation besides the distance and cooler weather was because fresh water.  Josh was so thrilled to not  have to deal with salt water, blazing heat, and sharks.  The beach was nice, a little rocky as you walked in the water, but still really fun.  The fresh water was easier to take the kids into because it didn't hurt their eyes or taste nasty in their mouths. There were some great waves the last day we were there.  Josh, Nate, Jeremy, and I played in the waves for and hour and a half we swan back and forth finding the best possible waves. 
Here is a few shots of the beach.

 One of the bummers of the house that we stayed in was the location of the beach in relation to the house.  We were technically only a .2 mile walk to the beach, but that .2 was a great big, giant, steep ass hill that got walked one time with all of the children and gear.  We drove from the rest of the week to and from the beach.  I think my kids had mixed emotions about the beach.  Teddy loved going in the water with Daddy, you can see them in the background of the picture above, but would let you know when he was done.  Sonya also loved the beach, but she definitely had a time limit down there.  She would just start taking off her swimming suit when she was ready to go.  This is wear babysitters came in handy with of all of the back and forth to the house because whiny kids and naps. 
Speaking of naps, once we got to the house Tedward slept like a champ...for the most part.  All of the babies slept in the closets of the parents rooms.  We were very lucky to score the master suite in the house.  Let me back up, the boys farkled for who would get first pick of the bedrooms.  The Woodards got first pick, they chose the mother in law suite, Martins got second pick and they chose the upstairs bedroom, and gifted us the master suite after the horrible week that we had.  THANKS Martins we owe you!!  Anyway with the master suite came an amazing closet, not for clothes, but for putting Teddy in.  There were some days I was convinced Teddy went to Narnia and Mr. Tumnus serenaded him with a pan flute and then cradled him until he fell into a deep slumber.  It was awesome. 
Ok, ok back to the beach.  The babies also ate sand like it was there favorite candy, and it was definitely in their diapers.  Gross.  
Here is the kid roll call.




Here are the mamas.


And here I am...
Oh wait not one picture of me from the entire week.  I think I showed my face on here once or twice, so I have hit my quota for 2010.
If you think I am done with Michigan, your wrong. 
 Just a few more posts and I will be done.
First family vacation, this is a big deal people.


Kalie Adams July 26, 2010 at 11:54 AM  

I miss the babies...

Nate July 26, 2010 at 5:06 PM  

Poor Teddy is going to miss Mr. Tumnus.


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