Thursday, July 8, 2010

Make Up

Back in my younger days I used to love make up.  I used to read make up books, I loved putting it on people.  I wasn't even that good, but I had lots of fun doing it.  These days I rarely wear make up, maybe a little concealer and mascara.  The other day I was getting ready for a wedding and I was taking my time putting my make up on, channeling my younger self, and trying to really look fancy.  Sonya desperately wanted to join in, but I did not have the time to indulge her.  Since then she has been asking to wear the "pink make up."  This some what yucky morning seemed to be the prime time because TR was down for a nap.
First let me show the condition of my make up bag
 Cluttered, covered in eye shadow and powder, and filled with OLD make up.
Did I mention my bag is a Enfamil free sample travel bag?

Here are a few of the colors Sonya used.

I think her technique is amazing.

Every girl know she needs to check herself in the mirror as she goes along.
When she looked in the mirror she started talking to herself and said,
"Wook, I have colors and wips.  So beautiful."
She was being shy about showing me her face.

Here she is early in the process

This was about halfway through

Then my bronzer got dropped on accident, and make up time ended.  
Pretty fun morning with the big girl.  
I love watching her grow and seeing more and more of her personality.  She is a girly girl, but still loves to be rough and tumble.  
I love being along for the ride with this girl!!       


Kalie Adams July 8, 2010 at 4:18 PM  

Don't know if Soso could get any more adorable!


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