Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jam and Cheese

What do whole grain bread

all have in common?

The perfect combination of sweet, salty, and chewy deliciousness.

I know I am not some culinary genius or even original coming up with this sandwich, but I thought I would share it because it so tasty.  I read this one blog where the writer was eating jam and cheese sandwiches and they looked so good.  I did feel kind of fancy and European eating it for lunch.  I had the kids try it.  I thought Sonya was going to spit it out, it was too tasty for her, but she did good and tried two bites.  Teddy on the other hand loved it, we'll see if he will eat it again.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Some of my favorite photos of my kids from Michigan are of the backs of their heads.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Foiled Again

I am interrupting my current Michigan posts for this morning's silliness.
Remember this post.  
Well it happened again.  I found Sonya in the pantry with the red sprinkles this time.  Can you tell these are left over from Christmas baking projects from a while back.


Yes, she did pick out her outfit today.  Sonya was wearing her "january" (leotard yo everyone else) because we signed her up for gymnastics today.  This child definitely has some energy to burn...only a little over a month until class starts.  Yippee!!

South Haven The Story Part 2-The Beach

One of the main reasons we went to Michigan for vacation besides the distance and cooler weather was because fresh water.  Josh was so thrilled to not  have to deal with salt water, blazing heat, and sharks.  The beach was nice, a little rocky as you walked in the water, but still really fun.  The fresh water was easier to take the kids into because it didn't hurt their eyes or taste nasty in their mouths. There were some great waves the last day we were there.  Josh, Nate, Jeremy, and I played in the waves for and hour and a half we swan back and forth finding the best possible waves. 
Here is a few shots of the beach.

 One of the bummers of the house that we stayed in was the location of the beach in relation to the house.  We were technically only a .2 mile walk to the beach, but that .2 was a great big, giant, steep ass hill that got walked one time with all of the children and gear.  We drove from the rest of the week to and from the beach.  I think my kids had mixed emotions about the beach.  Teddy loved going in the water with Daddy, you can see them in the background of the picture above, but would let you know when he was done.  Sonya also loved the beach, but she definitely had a time limit down there.  She would just start taking off her swimming suit when she was ready to go.  This is wear babysitters came in handy with of all of the back and forth to the house because whiny kids and naps. 
Speaking of naps, once we got to the house Tedward slept like a champ...for the most part.  All of the babies slept in the closets of the parents rooms.  We were very lucky to score the master suite in the house.  Let me back up, the boys farkled for who would get first pick of the bedrooms.  The Woodards got first pick, they chose the mother in law suite, Martins got second pick and they chose the upstairs bedroom, and gifted us the master suite after the horrible week that we had.  THANKS Martins we owe you!!  Anyway with the master suite came an amazing closet, not for clothes, but for putting Teddy in.  There were some days I was convinced Teddy went to Narnia and Mr. Tumnus serenaded him with a pan flute and then cradled him until he fell into a deep slumber.  It was awesome. 
Ok, ok back to the beach.  The babies also ate sand like it was there favorite candy, and it was definitely in their diapers.  Gross.  
Here is the kid roll call.




Here are the mamas.


And here I am...
Oh wait not one picture of me from the entire week.  I think I showed my face on here once or twice, so I have hit my quota for 2010.
If you think I am done with Michigan, your wrong. 
 Just a few more posts and I will be done.
First family vacation, this is a big deal people.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

South Haven The Story Part 1

This past week we took our first family vacation in South Haven, Michigan.  We went with two other families, the Woodards and the Martins.  They each have one kid the same age as Teddy.  We had a great trip!!  
So our trip began on Friday night we decided to drive about 2/3 of the way to South Haven.  We couldn't check into our house until 4pm Saturday, so we figured we would break up the trip for the kids and spend some time in down town South Haven before check in.  This was a good theory.  Let me back up and say Josh and I could have had one the worst weeks ever before we left, so we were desperate to get out of town.  We got on the road at about 7pm, and made it across the river and hit some slow moving traffic about an hour into the drive.  Not a big deal, just annoying.  So we started booking to make up some time and get to the hotel.  Lets say booking in IL is not a good idea, and it will get you a ticket.  That's right a speeding ticket.  I wish I could say that was the cherry on top of our already crappy week, but there are some nuts and whipped cream to be added.  So we keep on truckin', going the speed limit, to get to the hotel.  We check in at 12am and get to our room and the kids get a little wound up.  We let them jump on the bed and get their last bit of energy out before we settle in for the night.  We get Sonya settled about 1am, and try and lay Teddy down in his pack and play.  He was not having it, and I didn't want him screaming in a hotel in the middle of the night.  Josh and I then put him in bed with us.  He just flopped around, giggled, whined, and then bit Josh on the ankle.  I blocked off the room and just put him on the floor with all of the lights off and let him crawl around, but all he wanted to do was play in our bed.  I decided I would go drive him around to see if he would fall asleep.  It is about 2:15am, and this is the last thing I wanted to be doing.  I get in the car and drive around in the little town where we are staying.  I quickly realize that we are in a less then stellar area of town.  I was driving up the street and see some people getting a sobriety test, and then on my way back down I saw them getting arrested.  I then realized all of the 2 am bars are closing and driving around right now might not be safe.  Teddy is still wide awake as I am doing laps up and down the strip.  I drove around some more in the hotel complex, and he does not even give me a yawn.  I parked the car because I can not drive any more because I am so tired.  I decide to walk around the parking lot with all 29 lbs of him and see if I can bounce him to sleep.  Nada.  Then I went into the hotel lobby and tried to rock him a bit.  Nada.  I head back to the room around 3:15, and I put him in the bed with us.  Same old song and dance giggling, whining, flopping.  So Josh finally takes hold of him and holds him so tight that he can't move, and then lays him in his bed and shushed him to sleep.  Finally at 4am the boy went to sleep, only to have a 7am wake up call by the girl.  
We got up and met the Woodards at Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  Nothing can lift your spirits like a little country breakfast.

We hit the road after a little hotel swimming and a shower.  Baby TR was asleep before we even started the car, and Sonya followed shortly.  Josh and I listened to the Hobbit on CD while they slept, we always love to hear Bilbo be so persnickety about his life.  
We finally made it to South Haven and it was like we drove into a movie.  Tons of people walking around, boats in the water, ice cream shops, sunshine.  I wish I would have taken some more shots of the town because it was so colorful and cute.

All the families met up in South Haven and we had some lunch.  Jeremy was the first to get some ice cream for the week.  Baby Claire also had a taste.

 I had mentioned in a previous post how much ice cream we ate through out the week.  I was sad when I stepped on the scale this morning and the number was up, but I will say it was worth it!!  
We made it our house, and OH MY was it nice.  I kept imagining how I would decorate and set up the house if it were mine.  Click here to see it.  The house had the most beautiful hydrangeas out back, along with a cute little butt.

There will be lots of Michigan posts this week as I recount the highlights of our week up North.

The Girls

So this week in Michigan we had my two favorite babysitters, Kalie and Gracie, with us.  Well these girls are actually more than babysitters they are like family to us.  I used to babysit them when they were little bitty girls and have been on countless trip with them.  Their mom Terri is one of my closest friends who I have known for over 15 years.  Sonya also thinks K and G are the greatest things going.  I thought would try and get a nice picture of the girls for their mom for letting us have them for a week, and for Kalie since she is leaving for collage in a few weeks.  They were acting a little silly, but it is truly impossible to make these girls look bad.

Thanks girls for loving all the babies this week!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Blue Ice Cream

If I would have photographed all of the ice cream we ate this week, I think you all would vomit.  
So here is a sampling of Sonya having her favorite flavor ice cream, blue.
It was from our favorite place Sherman's Ice Cream.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Monday Manifest on Thursday

Michigan by Numbers

  1. 6 hours in the car
  2. 4 o'clock in the morning is the time TR went to bed at the hotel in Indiana
  3. 3 number of times I have eaten ice cream
  4. 4 bottles of bubbles used up
  5. 2 babies with fevers
  6. 10 pounds of blueberries eaten
  7. 148 cans of soda
  8. 57 cans of beers
  9. 6 half gallons of organic whole milk
  10. 4 half gallons of organic skim milk
  11. 2 half gallons of organic chocolate milk
  12. 32 cinnamon rolls
  13. 32 muffins
  14. 5 books finished
  15. 3 laptops in the house
  16. 2 sunburns
  17. 5 trips to the grocery store
  18. 2 times we went out to dinner
  19. 3 number of swimming suits Sonya wore this week
  20. 9 loads of laundry completed
  21. 188 photos taken (so far)
  22. 3 one year olds
  23. 1 three year old
  24. 2 babysitters
  25. 6 adults
  26. 1,000,000 the number of times Sonya asked to play the Nintendo DS

More Michigan to come later.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Poor Guy

This has been a challenging week, if it is not one thing it is another.  One of the random things that happened this week was that Rooney, one of our dogs, partially tore part of the pad on his front left paws.  I have no idea how he did it.  He started to limp on Monday and then proceeded to pee on Sonya's bed Monday night to get my attention.  I didn't check his paw until Tuesday morning and that is when I found the injury.  I called the vet, and they said I could just drop him off and they would call me when he was done, which was awesome because I had an things to do.  Of course when I dropped him off Sonya was so upset and kept asking for Rooney.  So we went back inside and the receptionist reassured her that Rooney would be OK, and that they would put her favorite color blue bandage on him with a heart.  I picked him up and received his detailed care instructions for the next two weeks, one of those weeks a dog sitter will have to take care of him. 
Here is the poor guy...

Get well soon Rupey Dupe!!

Good Breakfast?

Does this look like a good breakfast to you?

Need a better look at what you are seeing?

This morning I was looking for Sonya so I could get her some breakfast.  Our house is small so there weren't too many places she could be.  I checked the basement and she wasn't there, so when I went upstairs I heard a little rumbling in our pantry and found this.

I wish I could say this is the fist time I have found Sonya in here, or the first time I have found her licking random items.  In the past I have found her licking ice cream sprinkles, cinnamon sugar, honey, garlic salt, and nature's seasoning. 
I guess she is working on expanding her pallet.   


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