Monday, June 14, 2010

City Garden and House Rules

After coming home from our mini vacation, Josh and I could tell our babies needed some TLC that only come from mama and daddy.  Don't get me wrong, we had AWESOME babysitters, but Saturday was a little bit of a train wreck.  Josh described it as a day of whining and gnashing of teeth.  That being said we took Sunday morning to spend together as a family.
It is sad too say that we had not made it up to City Garden this summer, this was the perfect day to head up there.  Both the kids were a little unsure at first about all of the water.

Then they both really loved the water, especially Teddy.

Sonya loved swimming in the little pool, and then we moved over to the skipping rocks and waterfall.

(Josh took these two of Sonya skipping on the rocks)
It has been interesting to watch Sonya this summer and some of the fear she has developed as she has gotten older.  Last summer she was running across these rocks no problem, this summer she took them much more tentatively.  Same thing happened at the pool, she would not go down the slides at the pool.  Last summer and the summer before when she was like 14-16 months you couldn't keep her off the slide.  We'll see what happens as the months go on.
After City Garden we picked up some Pappy's BBQ since we were down town and we wanted to get the kids home for a nap/rest time since they were both up at 5:30am.  On the way home Sonya was talking to herself and singing, but at one point she said "Shut up."  We both turned around asked her what she said.  There was no response, so I turned around to look at her and she was just sitting there with her ears fingers plugged in her ears.  Josh and I were not pleased at all.  We told her there wold be consequences to her behavior when we got home, and we also decided to talk about our new "house rules" over lunch.  I got the rules from my friend Adrianne's blog and she got them from a friend, who got them from another friend.
The rules are as follows:
Show Love
Respect What God Gave Us
Tell the Truth
Josh and I have been talking about incorporating these rules into our house for a while, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to introduce them to Sonya and Teddy.  I love these rules because they cover everything and they are all of the things I want our family to be practicing.  Having very clear rules in the house will help us with the discipline with Sonya and Teddy because we can now sight an infraction of the rules when things get out of hand.
"Sonya, jumping on your brother like a trampoline is not showing him love."
"Teddy, throwing your food on the ground is not respecting what God gave us."
"Sonya, you need to tell me why your brother is crying.  What did you do?  Tell mama the truth."
 We have already started using the rules, and it has been going well.  
Hopefully that will continue.
 showing love.


midwest woman June 16, 2010 at 10:22 AM  

this post proves were raised with don't lie, cheat or steal. :)
Good list.


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