Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Love and Hate for Crafts

Let me first say I am so envious of people who are good at crafts and love to do them.  I read some blogs and some of these women are like MacGyver with pipe cleaners, scissors and paint.  Hobby Lobby is their Mecca.  When I go into Hobby Lobby I start to sweat and break out in hives.  I am overwhelmed by all of the choices in projects, colors, textures, supplies, grosgrain vs satin ribbon, watercolor vs tempera vs permanent paint, glitter, stickers, buttons, sequins, glue, glue sticks, rubber cement, scrapbook supplies...I could go on but I am starting hyperventilate just thinking about it.  We died eggs over Easter and I left the canvas drop cloth out on deck for two weeks to remind myself how annoying the entire experience was.  One of the reasons I am sending my kids to pre-school is because I am so lacking in this area and I don't want them to miss out in artistically expressing themselves if they are so inclined.  Here is why I hate crafts:
They take forever to set up
They don't ever last that long
They are a lot to clean up
Mine always look like s*#t
Today I tried to put my craft bias aside, and Sonya and I did a project.  My sister Gretchen gave us this super cute cardboard castle for Christmas and today was the perfect day to put it together.  Last fall I bought cornstarch and tempera paint to make "chalk paint."  You just mix equal parts water, paint, and cornstarch and when it dries it looks like chalk and cleans really easily.  A perfect combo of cardboard castle, chalk paint, and nice weather outside.  You would think these would be easy projects, but not for me who is craft-phobic / craft-retarded.  Let start with castle assembly, I followed the instructions, but some how I messed it up.  
Take a look.
The sides didn't match up, the tabs didn't go into their spots, and these pieces didn't even make it onto the castle. 
 I was getting really mad, and was wasting time, so I just gave up. 

Then I went inside to mix the chalk paint.  I made a huge mess spilling the cornstarch all over, the paint was all goopy, so while I was giving it a good mix it splashed all over me.  
Reaffirming my disdain for crafting.  
But then once the painting began, it was fun.

Here is our completed castle.
Looks like chalk right?

I knew before long Sonya would begin painting herself, with her favorite color blue.

From there she proceeded to dump out all of the paint into the grass.
Sonya loved sitting in the paint, and then she peed in the puddle of paint.  I did catch that on camera, but I am not going to show that, instead it is her just sitting in the paint.
I LOVED seeing the paint in the grass and on the brushes.
So beautiful.

After Sonya painted herself she ran around the yard like a little pixie.  Completely ne ne.
  We painted and played for almost and hour and a half, but we barely talked.  I loved watching her have so much freedom and concentration at the same time.  I asked Sonya her favorite part of our project and she said,
"I liked sitting in the mud puddle, going pee pee in the paint, and painting my bottom."
She is a genius. 
So maybe crafting/art projects aren't that bad.  All of the mess was totally worth it.  She is happy when are together, she like to know that I am close.  But, if any of you out in blog land ever need extra children for your crafts feel free to invite mine over.      


Greta May 3, 2010 at 8:01 PM  

LOVE IT! I am so Proud of you my craft phobic friend! Seeing all the extra castle pieces made me laugh out loud.

McCool May 6, 2010 at 1:47 PM  

great story!

gretchen May 9, 2010 at 1:08 PM  

greta, i laughed out loud at the extra pieces too. i'm so proud to have contributed to this event. it went down the way i had hoped. there is a wonderful photo of missy when shes around 3 painting ne ne at an easel. she may be wearing superman slippers. this definitely needs to be found and juxtaposed with so so ne ne painting.


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