Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Ear Saga

Teddy was up every two hours the other night, after a week of not sleeping, so I took him back into the doctor today to see if his ears have cleared at all from the infection that started last week on Sonya's birthday.  They had not cleared at all, but instead got worse.  The doc took one look in his ears, and said she was in pain just looking at them.  She said on a scale of 1-10 they were a 15, poor guy. Teddy has had three double ear infections in under three months.  He has had a lot of trouble sleeping over the past couple of months because of these infections which makes for a tired mama and dada.  He also spikes really high fevers, over 104 degrees, with the ear infections.  This last time he only got to 103 degrees, not quite as scary.  The second and third (current) infections have each lasted over eight days and have each taken two courses of anti-biotics to treat.  I know you don't necessarily have to treat ear infections with anti-biotics but having bacteria that close to his brain and surrounding facial bones I am not willing to take a chance.  That being said I have been doing some reading online and I took a Facebook pole about ear infections which lead Josh and I to the decision of taking Teddy off of dairy.  We will see where that takes us with his ear health.  My doc did mention that we might be headed in the direction of tubes for his ears.  She made the point that she did not want to be hasty, but did not want to ignore the problem.  Josh has a history of ear infections and tubes, so I would not be surprised if this is where we land.  Josh is ready to get him tubes today because he is really concerned about him having hearing loss, and the lack of sleep for the family has been really tough.  If he gets one more infection, then it will be time to get the surgery, but like I said I am going to take him off dairy first.  
With all of this ear drama, I have been thinking about this past year with him.  Teddy has never been a great sleeper, but I never knew how to fix the problem.  He never showed me any type of pattern with his wake up times or what kind of sleep environment worked best for him.  One night he might sleep 11 hours, and the next night he might get up at 12am for a while, then wake for the day at 5:30am.  To be honest I have been thoroughly confused and felt like failure because I couldn't figure out my own kid.  It has just got me thinking maybe his ears have been hurting him more than I know.  Josh and I have thought he was just a grumpier baby than Sonya, and not as well rested.  So maybe this is the relief he needs to be a happier guy.  
I know things could be a whole lot worse and some kids have double digit ear infections before they are able to figure anything out, but this is unchartered territory for me as a mom.  Sonya has never had a sick visit to the doctor in three years.  So I have been thrown for a loop with my boy.  I just want him to feel his best so he can enjoy the world around him.  I am truly thankful for my kids health and I know we are VERY blessed.
But I would love to see less of this...

And more of this...


Jodie Allen May 6, 2010 at 9:34 AM  

Last winter I think Gray had like 15 ear infections and it was a nightmare! I started taking him to a chiropractor in hopes that would help but ultimately we got tubes and I can't even tell you the difference they made! He was HAPPY and sleeping and started babbling finally! Before that he was a pretty silent kid and we now wonder how his hearing was with all of the fluid constantly in his ears. Hang in there... sicks kids suck! :)

rachel @ perfectly imperfect May 6, 2010 at 11:22 AM  

oh poor baby! i'm so sorry he has been in such pain... and that none of you are sleeping. i don't have personal experience with tubes/ ear infections, but i know lots of families who have been pleased with the results of tubes. i hope the dairy helps- that makes sense, too. good luck!

gretchen May 9, 2010 at 1:11 PM  

if tubes cause teddy to be more talkative that would be insane. i feel like he is constantly making noises.


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